What is Midwest Prep?

Midwest Prep is a POST-GRADUATE PREP SCHOOL. For whatever reason, many young people are not physically, mentally or socially ready to attend college directly after high school. This is especially true in intercollegiate athletics. This lack of development is the main reason why so many of these young people are not receiving scholarship opportunities to attend a college.

High school graduates attend post grad academies in order to bolster their develop, in hopes of receiving those scholarship offers, for the following year.

A post-grad prep school, simply put, provides another year of development before moving on to college. It is considered a buffer year between high school and college.


We are located in Rantoul, IL. Rantoul is located two hours south of Chicago, IL and 15 minutes north of Champaign, IL. The town is close to several college programs including the University of Illinois, Eastern Illinois University and Illinois St. University.


Our football program is conducted over a three month period or basically the duration of a college football season. Players report in late July and leave in late October. 

Our basketball program will begin play in October of 2018. Players will report for a four week training camp to get in top shape before the season begins in November of 2018. Our basketball team will play between a 25- 30 game schedule vs. top teams across the Midwest. 

During their time with us, athletes will engage in a rigorous program to work on improving strength and conditioning levels, playing ability, ACT scores, time mangement, confidence and maturity.

Daily Schedule

Here is an example of a typical day at Midwest Prep, during the regular season (schedule subject to change):

7:30 AM – Wake Up
8:30 AM – Class
12:00 PM – Lunch
1:30 PM – Weight Training
3:00 PM – Break
5:00 PM – Practice
7:30 PM – Dinner
8:30 PM – Post Practice Film Review / Meetings
9:30 PM – Free time
11:30 PM – Curfew

We Are Only Looking for Good People

Midwest Prep, first and foremost, is looking for great character and hard working individuals. If you are a poor student, you are lazy, have issues with authority or have made several poor decisions in the past, Midwest Prep IS NOT FOR YOU. We only want good people on our campus. Good people that simply need another year of development before college. 

Top Reasons To Attend Midwest Prep

  1. To gain in classroom abilities through academic training and self-discipline skills required for university-level classes;
  2. To compete without the loss of a year of college eligibility and have four years of college eligibility remaining;
  3. To gain an additional year of time necessary for physical growth and maturity that is critical to becoming a top college athlete;
  4. To have an opportunity to improve ACT and SAT college board scores critical to becoming a top college scholar;
  5. To gain exposure and competition opportunities against top college and university teams;
  6. To have additional time and opportunity for the late developer;
  7. To improve athletic techniques required by college coaches;
  8. To improve academic habits through mandatory study sessions;
  9. To increase development of self-confidence and self-discipline;
  10. To have an opportunity for another year of play for seniors and ineligible athletes.