Midwestern Preparatory Academy Recruits Only the Cream of the Crop

Midwest Prep athletic teams compete at the highest level of collegiate competition. Teams compete against NAIA, and Division III junior varsity collegiate teams and junior college teams to showcase our talent for exposure in order to gain advancement and scholarship to the best colleges and universities institutions nationally.


Our football team typically plays a 8-10 game schedule, depending on the size of our roster and the availability of our opponents.


Our basketball team will play between a 25 – 30 game schedule, starting in 2018.

Top Student Athletes Are Our Goal

Midwestern Preparatory Academy recruits only the finest student-athletes in their respective sport. All of our student-athletes are given the necessary guidance and instruction to prepare them for the next level. Midwest Prep prides itself on the quality of student-athlete we recruit and the potential in their future. At Midwest Prep, we always say we “only want the cream of the crop” and we mean it! At Midwest Prep we will give you the academic instruction, athletic preparation, goals and direction. It is your job to excel, improve and perform. You will be able to reach the next level, but it is up to you. All we ask from our student-athletes is to give 110%.

NCAA and NAIA Eligibility

A typical college freshman does not participate in game competition because they are so underdeveloped. Attending Midwest Prep, you are now able to compete in game competition and gain that on the field experience. The great news is you DO NOT lose any college eligibility during your stay at Midwest Prep. You would be eligible to transfer into a college of university the following spring semester as an incoming freshman that has a distinctive advantage over freshman that came directly from high school. You would be an entire year more physically fit, mentally tough and a year older than those other incoming freshmen.