Learning Environment



At Midwest Prep, we teach you the necessary curriculum to prepare you for the next level. All our course content is designed to increase your test scores on college entrance examinations and standardized ACT test. ACT prep is offered for 10 weeks, four times a week and at least three hours per day during your time at our academy. We have averaged a three-point increase on ACT scores. Our instructors have high level degrees and are more than qualified to help you during your journey with us. Also, we will thoroughly prepare you for the University classroom experience. During your training you will experience virtual and individualized instruction to increase your academic skills for success. 


When you are participate in our Resident Program, you will be introduced to the rigors of academic and athletic training. The day will be filled with classroom instruction by adjunct instructors which will train you with the academic disciplines of Standardized Test preparation and more. It will be mandatory to attend the scheduled classroom instruction.

As a Midwest Prep apprentice, you will be challenged everyday while preparing you for the next level of academics and athletics!!!